Thursday, March 12, 2009

Talk at Brooklyn Historical Society

Thanks to everyone who came last night to the Brooklyn Historical Society. Kate and Julie spoke about the Interpreting Brooklyn grant and BHS's photo collection that was the inspiration for my project. Julie brought out some of the files of "orphaned portraits' that I looked through as I started to research for the project.

I showed photos and told stories about the production of setting up portrait studios at eight Brooklyn parks. I also talked about my previous work , Free Sitting that investigated the curious conventions of our everyday family portraits. Then I showed portraits that became part of themes that emerged during the project, such as siblings, friends, couples, mulit-generational families, and athletes.

The audience had some great questions and comments that spanned from issues of archival preservation of the digital files, to fashion trends. One of the suggestions was that the behind the scenes photos of the portrait booth and me at work be included along with the portraits in the archive. Thanks to Kelly Rio Saxton and Nancy Borowick for snapping these photographs of us working. 

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