Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nancy Borowick

I am very fortunate that Nancy Brorowick has been generously donating her time to assist with all the work for the Face of Brooklyn project. She has been helping to enter all the data that accompanies each participant portraits, as well as working on retouching some of the images.

Although she graduated from Union College only two years ago, Nancy has been involved in some very interesting projects community based photography projects. Last year she taught photography to children in Mowire, Ghana. Upon returning New York after living with a family in Mowire, Nancy launched The Ghana On Tap Project; Nancy sold the pictures she took in Mowire at an exhibition to raise money to dig a well near the school in Mowire.  This summer she will be working with NYU students to teach photography in Africa.

Nancy's unique experience and enthusiasm for documentary photography and photojournalism is a wonderful addition to the evolving work around Face of Brooklyn.

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rarhin said...

Nancy, Thank God you went to Mowire, my hometown.
I wish I can see some of the pictures of my people back home in Mowire.
God Bless,

Peter Arhin, Toronto