Thursday, September 11, 2008

Processing and data entry

We ask for your patience for those of you who have visited this site from previous shoots and have yet to see your photo. This week Dan and I began the very tedious task of keying in all the information on the questionaires that accompany each participant. It is difficult to arrive at an accurate number as some photographs contain families, but there are over 200 completed questionaires. Each participants photograph is matched up with their information and that information is entered into Lightroom, an image adjusting and managing software. After that, I will begin making any exposure or cropping adjustments to the images. Once that is done then the process of uploading the photos to Flickr, posting them to the blog, and mailing or emailing them out can be completed.

There won't be any location shoots this weekend as I am flying to Chicago for my sister's wedding ( Congratulations Amanda and Abe!). Look for us the following weekend at Forte Green Park and Ocean Parkway in Midwood.

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